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My poem of Beauty: Football


Feet quick as a whippet
He is Conversing with the ball
Kicking it into the horizon
The taste of glory
The cheers of the crowd urging us on.

Watching the keeper spread out,
To save the day and ruin the others.
Keeping his team in it
Last minute, let’s do it,

The sweet taste of success,
The bubbliness of winning

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The Boy that stood alone

The boy that stood alone is a quiet child
Not one to ask about his suspicions
But one to enquire in silence,
This boy is with out confidence
A boy with no voice
Not a proper child at all.

If this boy was with a voice he-
Would be a much greater person
which would help gigantically
and help i him progress as a human.

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Book Review: Two weeks with the queen

Title: Two weeks with the queen

Author: Morris Gleitzman

What I like: One thing that I like about this book is that it shows humor but over that, more importantly it show a sense of pretty intense seriousness.

Would I recommend? (why): I would recommend this book because it has an interesting everything.

Plot Detail: The title is called Two weeks with the queen, this is a pun because the main character in the story, Colin has to go to england because his brother has got cancer, so he spends his time in London looking for the queen but he ends up spending two weeks with a gay man. This is a pun because gay people are sometimes called drama queen’s.

Description of main characters: Colin Mudford is a jealous type of person in this book, but he comes to terms with reality in this book when he try’s to cure his brother of cancer by finding the queen in London.

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Morris Gleitzman Essay

Morris Gleitzman communicates his idea that life needs to be lived to the full but also be there for someone to fall back on in a situation of life and death through the events of his novel. In particular, when Colin saw what Ted was doing for Griff and Colin realised that he had to be there for his brother who he was always jealous of. This proves that Colin definitely changed during the book because at the start he was jealous of his brother and at the end of the book he was eager to fly back to Australia to be there for his brother who has got cancer, Luke.

The author gets the message across with the character in this book when Colin went to England to get help from the queen, but when he gets to grips with reality, he wants to be with his brother.”

Gleitzman gets his message across with humour by making subtle jokes, for instance ” The businessman gave another grunt of pain, ” Is that a bit of cancer” Asked Colin. The author gives a little bit of enlightenment under the seriousness of the matter.

Overall I believe that this book has been created with an incredible amount of thought and care. I especially thought that the title could only be understood if you read the book.

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How Colin changed

Colin’s sense of selfishness faded away when he went to England and went against strict orders from aunty Iris not to go into London. Instead of being selfish he didn’t let anything get in his way to get a cure for cancer.

“My… Luke … Has… Got… Cancer”

This shows that Colin is realising that he needs to get help for the brother that he loves

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Book review: Diary of a wimpy kid

(Title): Diary of a Wimpy kid. (Author): Jeff Kinney. I like this book because it is a basic guide to secondary school for instance, do not get in the way of the older people because if you get on they’re nerves they won’t have it. (Would I recommend it?why?) I would recommend it, because as well as being true, it is funny so your getting a basic funny guide. (Plot detail) This book is about a boy and his best friend who leave middle school for high school and explore the adventures of every day life. (Key characters) The main character in this book is Greg Heffley who has an older brother called Rodrick, Greg also has his best friend Rowley and not to be mean but he is a bit of a nerd.

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Story Board

Long shot ,High angle

Long shot ,High angle

This is a long shot, high angle because it is not at the part where it needs a load of suspense.

Point of view shot

Point of view shot

This is a point of view shot because it is picking up the suspense.

Extreme close up

Extreme close up

This is an extreme close up because it is getting more scary.

Side shot

Side shot

This is a side shot because it is at the climax.


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